Develop and enlarge inter-corporate cooperation

Grow while helping others to grow

Respect social and business ethics

Aim for top position in the world as business and export facilitator

Scope of Activity

  • CC-PA provides help and guidance to all customer without limitations and irrespective of their market segment or activity
  • CC-PA manages its partners network at the service of its customers for better efficiency, productivity and proximity advantages
  • CC-PA qualifies every project irrespective of its nature, market segment or activity before getting involved and taking any commitment
  • CC-PA reduces operating cost of all customer especially in the field of export business development
  • CC-PA once committed leads the project to success

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Who are we

  • CC-PA is a French organization registered with Chamber of Commerce in Paris
  • CC-PA was registered in 2013 as a SaS (Société par Actions Simplifiée) equivalent to LTD.
  • CC-PA registration number is RCS Paris 797 766 029
  • CC-PA has its HQ at 6 rue Taclet, 75020 Paris FRANCE
  • CC-PA was started with a capital of 60000.00 €
  • CC-PA stands for Corporate Cooperation and Project Administration

Our contacts

  • Mr. S. Govind | CEO and Managing Director
    +33 6 48 26 79 90
  • Mr. J. Brechon | President
    +33 6 87 75 36 81
  • Mr. P. Guimard | Director General
    +33 6 19 19 18 38

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